Sunday, January 31, 2010

Zoo Day

It was a fairly mild winter day on Friday so the kids and I went to the zoo. We watched the river otters, fed the ducks and managed to find 7 of 8 toads. It was a great day!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

There's something seriously wrong with this scenario

A dayhome provider in our area has been told to remove her afterschool children from her dayhome to stay within the legal number of children allowed for a private dayhome or be forced to close her dayhome. She has 3 children which put her over for 15 minutes. Maybe only 5 minutes if the bus is running late. And during those 15 minutes there is another adult in the house. The dayhome parents were all aware of the situation but that is not considered at all. Rules are rules.

What burns my butt is that she is a great provider who feeds the kids good food, takes them outside for fresh air and trips to the park and is LOVED by these children and their families. She should be commended for making accomodations not closed. I know of other dayhomes who do not take their children outside during the day. Ever. We all know I feel strongly about outside time and fresh air. So, why aren't those dayhomes forced to close their doors? As dayhomes aren't we obligated to nurture their emotional, intellectual, social AND physical needs?

And while my friend handles her dayhome children with ease there are other dayhomes that have only 3 or 4 children and are completely overwhelmed with them. They are the ones that should be closed.

I do understand that there are rules for a reason. We don't run sweatshops here or anything but now three families are left with zero child care. Unfortunately the government doesn't take any of that into consideration. Quality over quantity?!

So, if one of my boys has to stay home for school for any reason which parent do I call to come pick up their child so I can stay within the law?

You can't see but I'm shaking my head and rolling my eyes....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bye bye Pinkberry and Hellllooooo Gorgeous Crimson

On Monday my Pinkberry died. It was a long day, let me tell you! I had no idea how much I depended on it. And then it made a miraculous recovery after Aaron blew the dust and crumbs out of the charger spot. And then today it died again. For good this time. And being the stellar spouse that he is, he replaced it with a new and improved phone :o)
Now I just need to reprogram everything. That sucks but I'll survive.

Monday, January 25, 2010

True story - sadly enough

Friends of ours were trying to sell their vehicle this weekend and it was stolen on the test drive. SERIOUSLY!!! Apparently the woman was super nice and friendly, played with the dog, etc and left them her van keys while driving around the block. And she never came back. As it turns out the van was stolen too.

It's just not right. There's something seriously wrong with society today. If it were me selling the vehicle I would have done the exact same thing and been in the same boat. Luckily when we sold the van the couple had never driven a van before and were nervous so Aaron had a ride-along. Otherwise it could have been us.

Shame on her, whomever she is.

The media was contacted and hopefully they jump on this story so other people don't find themselves in the same situation.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Little Cupcake Shoppe is opening today!

Just what I need. A gourmet cupcake store in walking distance. In walking distance even with 6 kids with me no less. What were they thinking?

We got the now open flyer this week and went for a cupcake yesterday to find that they were indeed not open. Today is the grand opening.
JT could see someone inside so he just kept pulling on the door. Slightly embarrassing as I'm trying to holler over his "I see someone inside" yelling voice that "they're not open even though someone is inside".
Maybe it was pity but the store owner opened up and invited us in for a free cupcake. Heaven! These cupcakes were right up there with Crave cupcakes.
And as we were walking away what does JT say to me: "Does she think we're poor? Is that why she gave us a free cupcake? Is it because I have a hole in my pants?"
I tried to explain the whole deal of promotion and he didn't get it. So I simplified it to Random Acts of Kindness. I'm proud to say that he understood what that means.

Friday, January 22, 2010

If you had one year to live - who would you tell? Would you tell anyone?

I recently read a book about this and have put more thought into this idea than I really think I should have.

If you were terminally ill would you tell people?

I have mixed feelings about this.

Would people treat you differently? I think they would. I think they'd censor what they said to me to avoid confrontation. I think they'd let me win all the time too.

Would you want a final party so everyone could say goodbye or just want people to have their own unique way to say goodbye.

Or would you say nothing. You'd avoid those teary moments thinking that the end is nearing. Those last goodbyes. People would just remember their last moments with you.

Would your surviving family and friends understand why you kept it to yourself or think it was selfish?

Hmm...I have no idea what I'd do. It was an interesting book - the main character chose not to tell anyone and instead tried a bunch of new things that he'd always wanted to but was too afraid to. In the end though, I think he regretted his own choice.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can you alter a bikini?

I love my bikini from last summer but it's too big now. I've googled altering swimwear but got mixed reviews. Not too sure I'd want to stand there at the tailor's while they get all up close and personal to my vag either, now that I'm picturing that situation.
Summer seems wayyyyyy too far away!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bring on the sports - I'm ready this year!

Last year I was so un-prepared for the whole soccer/baseball mom thing but this year I am.

We've got the boys in swimming and karate right now.

In February they start Ball Hockey. And I'm trying to get them into a hip-hop class if I can swing it.

In April they start outdoor soccer/baseball.

It sounds like a lot but each class is only an hour - well worth it!

Busy boys = happy boys = happy mom + dad :o)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm a 5 Star mom today

This morning I made a healthy lunch to go , charged my boys DS's, packed some books, got the swim gear ready to go because....wait for it....after swimming lessons today

Yes, they'll hate me when I tell them where our destination is but they'll get over it. And I will have the opportunity to buy some Chinese Laundry boots for half price.

They`re actually not bad when we go to Pure Jeanius. They have a couple comfy chairs beside the dressing stalls and the boys just play their DS`s with zero volume. This summer they sat for an hour. AN HOUR!!! It was nice, they actually did not complain either.

It would be so much easier if Aaron didn`t work so many weekends!!!

Tonight their fave babysitter is coming over so if today doesn`t go well, I`m sure all will be forgiven!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Five Random Thoughts for Friday

  1. What the heck is with this big red spot?
  2. Book shopping is so much fun - I was even UNDERBUDGET for once!
  3. At what age are you too old to wear a mini skirt?
  4. Ha ha! Still laughing at the girl wearing Doc Martens at Starbucks last night - do they even make those anymore?
  5. Maybe I should have looked at the 1/2 price clearance section at Old Navy for the rest of the family too, oopsy.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frilly Lilly sets it straight

I got an advertising postcard in the mailbox yesterday and laughed my butt off. This company has just opened a franchise in our neighbourhood and this is what was on the backside.

Brazillian Wax
Nothing's left. That's right. Nothing
Hawaiian Wax
Aloha! Bare`ly there.

Canadian Wax
O Canada! Perfect for the Canadian Bikini.

Alaskan Wax
Stay warm this winter. Just a little off the sides, please.

Too funny!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My couch needs a facelift

We've had this little blue couch in the playroom for a few years now and I think it desperately needs to be recovered. Without the flash on, it didn't look too bad BUT with the flash on you can see how it's faded really badly and the water stains from the last time I cleaned it. Note to self - never spot clean and always clean the entire couch to achieve an all over drying pattern and no water stains.
So, have you ever reupholstered your own furniture? Is it hard to do?
That wee little couch was almost $500. Ouch! We bought it from a store that caters to daycares and preschools so it was supposed to be the most durable. All in all, it's held up to the test construction wise it just looks yucky.
I wonder how much it will cost to have this job done professionally....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12 of the new year

Last Monday on the 4th was my first day of P90X. And my last. LOL! Just kidding. Although I haven't been following the program as it was intended, I'm still doing something healthy every single day. It might just be tobogganing -but it's something. And only a week into the program I feel better. I think if nothing else I'm just more aware of what I'm putting into my body and what I could be doing with my down time instead of sitting and reading. That just seemed wrong to want to avoid reading but sometimes I just can't stop. I have a new book Coco Chanel and Ivor Stravinsky. Can't wait yet I'm holding off. Sounds like a good thing to do while waiting for the boys at karate or swimming...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Girls Night Out 2010

We've deviated from our monthly scheduled Bunco night to something a little more casual that includes more than just Bunco. I can't believe I said "just Bunco". Bunco rocks - don't get me wrong but yes there is life beyond that.

So, what are we going to do instead? Ideas so far:
  • UB the Artist to make speckled frog scrubby holders
  • Jewellry making class
  • Movie night
  • Karaoke
  • Dessert
  • Card workshop
  • Stagette for Lou Lou ... ha ha ...

So, what are other ideas for us?

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hmm, lurk much?

I have a new fan. Actually I should say that it appears my blog has a new fan. Someone - in Calgary spent over 2.5 hours reading my blog yesterday. That doesn't creep me out - much. But what I really want to know is WHY THEY WEREN'T OUTSIDE LOVING THIS CHINOOK???? It was plus 8 and gorg!

Tonight we went to the Hitmen game as a family and cheered until our voices were rough and ate popcorn until our bellies were full. That's a lot of popcorn for me :o) Although the mini donuts may have had something to do with it, ha ha.

Last night I went to see Nine and do some quickie race around Chinook Centre shopping with Cindy. It was strange going to Sephora without Princess ;o) In any case, the show was good, I wouldn't say it was my fave though. In my opinion Kate Hudson danced and sang the best she could considering the song and that Sophia Loren was just way too brown. Now I must go google where the title fits in? Anyone know?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

You either love 'em or hate 'em

When you go out for dinner or drinks do you like a server who is interactive or someone who is just there to do their job with no frills.

I was listening to the radio the other day and one of the DJs were complaining that their waitress the night before was too 'in their face' and they just wanted to eat and go - not be entertained.

The DJs had a mini debate about what's better which inspired me to blog about it.

Aaron and I like the entertainment factor. We enjoy staff that are good at their job and like to chitchat. I don't mean we want a circus performance or anything, just someone who can answer questions, acknowledge our kids when they're speaking to them and bring us drink refills as we need them. Good service also means good tips!



Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Do you know how long it takes to actually get frostbite?

Thanks to CC I do now. My dayhome resolution is to spend more time getting back to the basics. More outside time, reading time, imaginative play than battery operated toys. Which are REALLY annoying, but that's besides the point.
So in minus 15 weather today we went out for a walk to the park and stayed to play for about 20 minutes. I was worried about how long we could stay out in the cold for it's too long.
I thought 30 or so minutes.
There's no risk of frostbite until minus 27 weather according to Environment Canada's chart.
Although minus 15 with a wind of 40 km/h it would take 40 minutes for risk of frostbite.
The kids really enjoyed themselves. It was quiet in the neighbourhood and they were the first ones to play in the fresh snow at the park! I'm happy we went, even if it meant I had to bundle up in snow pants too.

Halloween costume for 2010?

Seriously, how does one get into a suit like this? And would the zebra stripes be more flattering than the checkerboard? Didn't think so...

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ringing in the New Year at Leanne and Andrew's

It was a pajama party - but Andrew and Aaron didn't get the memo, lol.
JT played PS3 for almost 5 hours straight. That must be a new record for him. He was happy we were happy - it was all good. The big kids played 80s Scene It. Great game. Highly recommend!
Alex hung out with us mostly. He was the official dice roller :o)

Cheers Lou Lou!

We were going for the Olivia Newton John look with the headbands around our forehead.
Here's Alex in one of many hat/glasses combinations. He tried them all.
Aaron singing his heart out. It was great fun!
And this is what happens when you leave your camera unattended.
Why do I look so serious?
Happy New Year to everyone!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hungry Girl strikes again!

I was gifted with the Hungry Girl 200 Recipes Under 200 Calories for Christmas and these recipes are amazing!!!
Alex and I tried the Complete and Utter Oatmeal Insanity today and it was awesome.
No Name Regular Instant Oatmeal has never tasted so good :o) With real pumpkin added to it as well as Fibre One cereal it's packed full of nutrition too. I can finally make something besides muffins with the frozen Halloween jack o'lanterns, ha ha.

There's a reason why we hire professional photographers

Getting a nice pic of the grandparents and grandkids really shouldn't be so hard. It just takes one person to start doing bunny ears and the whole situation goes downhill from there. But it's funny so we just keep trying each visit...eventually we'll get it.

Friday, January 01, 2010

The story of the Nutcracker

Have you met my Dad before? Here we are in all our glory - we are not camera shy and are always up to try something new.

That being said, Mom also wanted to try something new. That would be going to the ballet and seeing the Nutcracker. Dad was a trooper and went along and actually enjoyed himself :o)
Have you met my husband Aaron before? If so then you'll know that he likes to tease and you can imagine what would happen if he knew that Dad went to the ballet. Dad actually kept it a secret for almost a year and then we found out accidentally. And then this happened. Dad now has a collection of "Nutcrackers". It started off as a joke, but then other people have started buying them for him. And now Dad actually quite likes his collection :o)

This year my boys picked these up for Papa. A collection of Nutcracker placecard holders!