Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back to work again

Yesterday was the first day back at the dayhome and it was a whirlwind! We were outside from 7:45 right until 4:30-ish, with the exception of lunch. The kids were all happy to see each other and just generally a hella good day.
Team Crockett has officially signed up for the 2008 Underwear Affair to raise money for cancers below the waist. I'll have more about that later when I have a chance to peruse the website a bit. Aaron and I are both signed up for a 10 K run, yep, that wasn't a typo, I said run.
So, in preparation for this 10K run, we've bought a kick-ass treadmill which will be delivered on Sunday. Can hardly wait! I'm hoping I'll actually lose a few extra pounds while trying to shape up for this run. I seemed to have gained a few pounds over the holidays, not sure if it was the daily trips to Starbucks or the fast food?!?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We are just the abso-freaking-lutely coolest parents we know!

Well...that maybe a slight overstatement but today we took our boys for helicopter rides over Horseshoe Canyon. It was breathtaking - and not because I was scared shitless - the scenery was just awesome!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Maxin and relaxin on summer holidays still...

We spent Saturday and Sunday at the cottage where the boys had their first river raft trip! It was a success, no one fell overboard!

Today was Calaway Park and the Glenmore Landing waterpark on the way home to cool off. It was definitely a hottie hot day out! Tonight the boys are heading over to the Beck Sr's for hotdogs and a visit while Aaron and I have dinner and a movie without the kiddies.

Once again, I'm trying to post pics but Bloggers having "issues" so I'll try again later!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

And the pics

Thing Two's super fat lip. Poor Alex jumped off his chair from breakfast this morning and tripped landing flat on his face. Why didn't he put his arms in front of his face to break his fall, you ask? Well, the last time he did that he re-broke his arm so I'm sure he thought this was the safer route. His gums are purple and look sore but that didn't stop him from eating a bucket of popcorn at the movie this afternoon.
Team Mac-Beck golfing this morning.
The MacAulay half of Team Mac-Beck
Things One and Two soaking Papa in a no-holds barred water fight!
The boys at the movies.
Thing One hanging from Papa's apple tree - before he scraped his back up but that still didn't deter him from being monkey-ish
Thing Two wandering in Nannie's Garden
Mama Bear and Alex at the wedding - lucky Aaron wasn't around for this self-portrait
Aaron hooking up the portable DVD player so the boys could watch a movie at the wedding. God Bless the inventor of that machine!

Poor Aaron was around for this self-portrait - I was going for the Pirate Princess look with the bandana and big eyeliner , can I really pull it off?

We're still holiday'ing

I've just imported all of our pics onto Mom's computer and now I can't find them so everyone will have to wait a few more days for the pictures.
The boys and I left Cowtown Friday night and came up to Morinville. Saturday we had the pleasure of attending Charles and Andrea's wedding. It was a great day! Hot but fab nonetheless! Aaron joined us at the reception Saturday to start his holidays with us. We had to go home overnight so the boys could have their arms xrayed and check their broken arm status - more on that one in a minute- but we came back to Morinville once our appointments were done. We've managed to squeeze in a few trips to furniture stores to pick out a new bedroom suite for Alex, pick out a fancy wedding dress and hottie hot bridesmaid dress for yours truly, played 9 holes of golf with the boys, parents and grandparents - wish I had the pics to show you-, went to watch Ratatoiuee , played at Chuck E Cheese's and visited lots of parks. I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of stuff but we've been super busy!
Back to the broken arm...SOMEONE FORGOT TO TELL US THAT ALEX'S CAST IS "WATERPROOF" AND CAN GET WET!!! WTF??? Over the past 7 castings no one has ever told us that his cast can get wet, and I mean soaking wet in the pool wet, not just a little damp. So, we've been bagging, taping and almost depriving Alex from all water activities for ...nothing... sigh..."bad Mom" vibes are kicking in just thinking about it. So Thing Two was freaking ecstatic to be able to swim in the hot tub with big brother.
More to come later...maybe with pictures...are you guys missing me yet?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ahoy Matey!

Here's the pirate flag which is now adorning our playfort. Boys will be boys, right?
And here's Joseph after administering his own first aid yesterday. Alex and Joe had a tussle on the sofa which left Joseph with rug burn on the bridge of his nose. Apparently the scab cracked and started to bleed so Joseph figured he'd slap on a Batman bandaid. I was loving the idea that only one of my children will be sporting a cast at the next family wedding - except the non-broken one will probably be still sporting some gawd-awful bandaid on the bridge of his nose. Once again, boys will be boys!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Finally some pics

Here are some Bridal Shower invites that I whipped up last week
Aaron and I re-arranged Joe's bedroom
We had to remove the Spiderman wallpaper border because it wasn't exactly the most relaxing thing to look at before heading off to Dreamland
Aaron and I posing for Alex before the big Luau Bunco night

Pictures are definitely more effective when posted at the time of the event because now they just seem out of place and a little weird. Anyways, I'll try to be more dilligent with that - no promises though- I'm loving the sunshine! I'm busy planning Alex's birthday BBQ already...we're thinking it's going to be a Superhero / Supervillain theme...I may have to see if my mom can whip me up a She-Ra cape in the next month. Hmm, was She-Ra even a Superhero?

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I can't even blame Blogger for my absence...

Life has been super busy and blogging just hasn't made my top ten list of Things To Do - I am probably as shocked as you guys are!
I hosted the Luau Bunco night, went to a wedding, and a couples Bunco night. That was a new thing and a whole lot of fun! My cheeks still hurt from smiling and laughing so much! Other than that I've been laying low at home with my boys, we're loving the weather and spending many hours outside watching the boys in their playfort (which now sports a kickass pirate flag) and sitting on the deck.
We've also rearranged the rooms upstairs and the computer is in the basement and not as easily accessible as it was before.
Hope everyone is enjoying the summer as much as we are!
***Blogger isn't let me post pictures so I'll try and add some later***