Friday, August 28, 2009

Has Big Brother lost its edge?

Where's all the drama gone? Even when Chima was expelled it was pretty lame.

I never thought I'd say it BUT I miss Wamber and the non-stop crying. And Evel Dick that I loved to hate. Russell tried but didn't even come close
The showmances. Where'd they go? Jeff and Jordan's goodnight kiss is it? Ho-hum
No crazy antics like shaving cream bikinis or lettuce bikinis..that one was just weird though
And Natalie? Poor clueless Natalie who was able to express breast milk clear across the room
I think next season needs to be an all-star one to bring back the drama!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day Pictures :o)

Okay this is backwards from how I intended it but here goes:
JT Beck August 27, 2009 :o) and his lost tooth There's where the tooth used to live...
And you can just imagine that he's already making a list of what to buy with his tooth fairy payola
Here are the 3 Amigos on their first day of school. Notice how sunny it is. Love love love it!!!
Daddy is always a bit sad about the first day.

Mommy - not so much. Bring on the school year, I love early bedtimes and making lunches

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And we're back

Here are a few highlights from our houseboating holiday in the Shuswap. It was fan-freaking-tastic! This is my second week of holidays and than next week it's that time again- back to school! Surprisingly enough my boys are so excited for school to start, which makes me happy. Tonight I finished back to school shopping, supplies are bought plus clothes and shoes. Once I label everything we're good to go.
I must go catch up with Big Brother, what the heck went on while we were away?!?! Looks like more drama than usual!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Why does stuff like this ALWAYS happen to me?

The Good:I have learned to love my treadmill again. We've had an on-again/off-again relationship but we're definitely on the right track now.

The Bad: Aaron's working today and my boys didn't hear me say "I'm going downstairs to run - come see me if you need anything."
The Ugly:Granted this butt isn't ugly BUT it illustrates how short my shorts were when I ran upstairs to answer the repeatedly door bell ringing only to discover my kids were running down the street to the park to go look for me. They couldn't find me and thought perhaps I went to the park. Apparently they'd already been there and back once already only to discover they'd locked themselves out of the house.

Ahem, I guess I won't be jamming along to my iPod anymore while running...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Warning to Jenn - this may make you cry

We're having a family crisis right now. As we speak.

It seems that Alex is allergic to cats.

We have a cat. What the heck are we supposed to do? It seems easy doesn't it? Get rid of the cat. It's just not that easy.

We've suspected Alex was allergic only recently. He's had skin problems pretty much since birth and we've tried eliminating different foods, trying a kazillion topical skin creams and came up with nothing.

The doctor confirmed he doesn't have a food allergy. The dermatologist thinks it's from the severly dry climate here. And my friend who's son has several allergies is the one that put all of his symptoms(constant rash, sneezing, itchy eyes, phlegm, post nasal drip...) together and suggested cat allergy.

So when Alex was on a hiatus at Nannie's house we cleaned his room thoroughly and seen a huge difference. A lot of the common symptoms like the sneezing and phlegm seemed to disappear and the redness of his rash.

And today when he was hanging out downstairs in cat-territory he developed some wheeziness.

Then we went to the dentist and he asked in the first 10 seconds of meeting Alex what he's allergic to. I said we're pretty sure it's the cat and he said flat out 'get rid of the cat'. Well, that went over well. I was crying and Alex wasn't sure why we'd get rid of the cat or why I was upset.

Apparently his allergy has caused a massive tongue thrust which has affected his speech and given him an overbite and now we're looking at orthodontics.

I left the office thinking we're finding Romy a new home tonight. But in reality, no one wants to adopt a 13 year old cat who's part Siamese and a bit tempermental and really likes to just be left alone to do her own thing.

I've done some online research and a lot of crying tonight.

We adopted Romy and took on that commitment and love her and she's a part of our family but how can we compromise Alex's health?

Any suggestions?

Starting over sucks!

Over the past month we've had MASSIVE computer issues and although I backed up docs and pics I never thought to do the same with EMAIL and of course our computer died. I'm without everyone's email addresses. Hmm, not entirely sure how do recoup that info but it's summertime and I'm really not that concerned about it - yet.

So now we're upgraded to the Windows Vista setup and it's sooooo different than what I'm used to. I think I'll have to buy a Dummies book to figure this stuff out.

Six more sleeps until houseboating :o)