Monday, January 31, 2011

A playdough filled PD day

What better way to spend a minus 26 day than playing with playdough?

Friday, January 28, 2011

We outdid ourselves once again!

This morning Jessica's Dayhome came to Lesley's Dayhome for a playdate for both the kids and the grownups. We made invitations for the Valentine's Day party while the kids played in the playroom and coloured at the big table with us. It was a great way to spend the morning now that it's getting cold out again. It was nice not having to bundle up over the last few days - we were totally spoiled! Yesterday we even got to do our big walk around the pond. 10 kids, 2 adults, 1 stroller, 1 wagon, lots of kids walking/dawdling/rolling in the snow. It was quite the sight to see!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time for this mom to get her head out of the sand!

It's been an emotionally draining week for many many reasons. Some thing weren't even related to me directly but it involved one sweetheart of a little girl that I know losing her mom at the tender age of 3.
Stuff like that just makes you stop and put things into perspective a little bit doesn't it.
What's really important in life? Family, health and happiness are my top 3 - always have been and probably always will be.
Moving on to the situation that does involve me and my child directly:
Domestic violence has had a HUGE impact on my youngest son. And it didn't occur within our family/extended family and he never witnessed anything.
What happened was he seemed off all week and Wednesday he finally broke down and spilled the beans. Apparently his buddy at school confided that his parents split because the mom was punched in the face by dad. Oh em gee, I wasn't prepared for that.
So, poor Alex has been feeling really sad for the mom and his friend. He just can't understand how this could happen.
I've talked to quite a few people about this and as adults we don't understand it so how the heck do we explain it to our kids.
For the past five nights his bedtime prayers have included this family. He's prayed to God and asked him to help the mom find a new husband that won't punch her in the face.
Kids tell it like it is and don't sugar coat anything do they?
It's become really obvious to us that Alex is a really sensitive guy and he holds stuff in. I can see we're going to need some help with this topic.
Any suggestions? I'm really not sure what to do.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Just Grapes and Chocolate Berries

This is long overdue but worth the wait!
Tonight I caught the boys reading in bed all snuggled up in their quilts that Mom made for them for Christmas.
JTs is Just Grapes and suits his personality. It's funny but when I seen the purple it reminded me instantly of the year he wore a pair of cut off girl corduroy pants as his Hulk shorts. Hilarious!

And then there's the Chocolate Berries which is so Alex. He's the sensitive earthy guy in our family. I think the rustic colours are definitely him. Good picks Mom!
And whom was Alex reading to? Spirit Bear of course, lol. That kid puts a smile on face time and time again - warms the heart. My Mom is definitely a master quilter! One day she might actually start selling will be a long time coming though because she still has a few projects on the go. We all have the "I wants".
Thanks Mom!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Why didn't I take pictures???

Picture it - a nice leisurely evening of drinking cocktail after cocktail with my folks. Then my oh-so thoughtful husband tidies up and starts the dishwasher before we all head off to bed.

About thirty seconds after it started I thought to myself "Hmm, Aaron must have bought dishwasher soap when he was out today. Better check just to be sure. Nope. And apparently dishwasher soap is not interchangeable with liquid dish soap in case you were wondering.

There were bubbles everywhere!!!

After about 20 minutes of scooping out bubbles from the bottom of the dishwasher and rinsing the soap down the drain of the dishwasher we were good to go.

Lesson learned.

Life is never easy even when it seems so.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Justin Bieber cookies, lol

Last week Alex and Aislynn asked to make Justin Bieber cookies have never heard of them before and am pretty sure it's just something they made up. It was almost the end of the day so baking was out of the question so they made playdough cookies. Friday afternoon as soon as we got home from school they asked again to make Justin Bieber cookies. Kids don't forget a thing do they? I opened up the cupboard trying to see what kind of ingredients we had and lo and behold I seen the answer : Cherry Jello Cookies in a jar. Aaaaaah (that's the angels singing in my head as opposed to a scary scream, by the way). THANK YOU JANINE! You were definitely a life saver.So we threw everything into the mixer, rolled them into dough balls, flattened them out and used our playdough letter stampers to make our very own Justin Bieber cookies. They were very tasty - I probably ate at least half a Bieber's worth ;o)

Monday, January 03, 2011

Embrace being Canadian and learn to love the cold :o)

The boys and I decided to go snowshoe'ing around Troll Falls out in K Country today. It was beautiful! If you've never tried it before I highly recommend it.