Thursday, July 31, 2008

And we're still working on Team Crockett

The Underwear Affair/Race to Uncover the Cure was a huge success and we're getting ready as we speak for next year's event.

That's right folks, the run isn't until June of 2009 but we're planning it now.

The party is going to be a good one. Here's some propaganda in the Team Crockett pile downstairs:

We haven't totally decided on a Team name. The roster has changed so we would like to pick a name that works for everyone. Holes & Poles is the front runner right now. Why, you're wondering? it's something everyone on the team has...well one OR the other, lol.
So if you can tell from the pictures we're going with a Beach Theme for our fundraiser dance/silent auction on Feb 28 '09. (There's about 20 orange and blue sand pails and shovels somewhere in my house to add to the pile.) More details to come later on about that. Now's the time to be buying the Beach stuff - I don't imagine we'll find much stuff in the middle of winter. I think that's what will make it so much fun. Picture it bermuda shorts and flip flops in the middle of a snowstorm. I think the bar might have to serve hot rum toddy's. Now all I need to do is find a small inflatable pool...

Thursday Thirteen of Houses I'd Totally Move Into...

Aaron and I took our boys for a walk last night around a neighbourhood closeby and Aaron and I started to get the itch. The itch to move.

By the end of our walk we had convinced ourselves at least twice that now was the time to move and then at least three times that now was not the time to move.

We are currently living in the Front Porch capital of Canada. And as much as a like the whole front porch idea our lot is teeny tiny and with a double plus garage it's just that much smaller. This new area is all front attached garages and all the houses we were loving all backed onto a greenspace. LOVE LOVE LOVE !!! So, the whole front attached garage that I was so against is all of a sudden having a lot more appeal to it. You can park in the garage AND have two guaranteed parking spots right in front of your house AT ANY GIVEN TIME. Hallelujah! That's a definite plus right there. We've had a few parking issues but as much as it annoys the shit of me, the street is a public road and anyone can park in front of myself. Even when it's pouring rain and I have to unload 20 bags of groceries and haul them up the street or even better from across the street.
This new neighbourhood we're looking at does not have a school so our kids would be bussed. That's the holding factor right then and there.
So maybe in 3 to 5 years we'll re-visit the plan but for now, I'll keep sitting on the front porch...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We walked ALL the way up where?

Since I've been doing nothing blog-worthy I'll backtrack a bit to our holidays.

The day before our company left for home we took them to Banff to do the gondola tour and a bit of shopping.

We started off by going up Sulphur Mountain having lunch and then we did the hike to the other side of the mountain.

Here's a shot from inside the restaurant to the other side that we were about to embark on:

And here's a pic from the other side looking back to the restaurant we were at:

Love love love this pic! It is Mother Nature at her best!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I think I'm having writer's block

Maybe that's why I've been finding blogging being not my #1 priority lately.

Really though, it's a blog. Not a book. So, what's the problem.

Aha! I've got it! I've done nothing interesting or extraordinary lately to chat about.

What have I been doing? An online class....sigh...borrrrrrrrrrrring...each session takes about 2 and a half hours and I'm only done 7 out of 18. I have about 100 days to finish it but I find it to be a bit of a snoozer so I've been procrastinating and if I keep it up I won't finish in time.

What is said class? It's an Early Childhood class. Now how in the world can that be boring, you're wondering. Well, we have to watch these videos and the person speaks in monotone. I. Don't. Do. Monotone. At. All. I'm trying not to brag BUT I do know an awful lot of the info but I still have to read through and complete a bunch of assignments, activities and tests. Seriously I'm trying to focus on what they're saying but my mind keeps zoning out and it's totally because of the voice.

Not so fun.

And this is why I never kept up with the whole college scene. It just couldn't keep my focus...maybe that's where Alex gets his whole hyperactiveness from.

And FYI:
Joey is now riding a two-wheeler as opposed to a two-wheeler with trainers. Uhm, yeah , I know he's 6 but who cares. What I did learn from class is that everyone develops at a different rate. Well, duh, everyone knows that anyways.

Monday, July 28, 2008

You win some and you lose some

Today is Day 1 of me being back to work after two weeks of holidays filled with drinking and eating. Seriously, my shorts that fit a little loose two weeks ago are now perfect. That's not good.

So, I decided that I'd get into a new routine which would involve:

the treadmill. every. day.

putting on makeup and actually doing something with my hair. every. day.

doing one session of my online course. every. day.

Blogging at least every. other. day.

Small goals yet I failed first thing this morning.

You see with this:

Comes this:

They're actually way worse than the pic shows. We're talking possible candidate for a skin graft. Well...maybe not that extreme. But it hurt sooooo bad.
Which means no treadmill until my tootsies are completely healed.

But, alas, my makeup was attempted:

That would be eyeliner and nothing else...Hair. Not so much.

I don't want to do it all in one day, what would I have to strive for tomorrow?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer is hardly over but I'm already planning for next year!

Aaron overheard some co-workers saying that they're going to be booking holidays for next year in September so that means that we need to first if we want prime time. I almost feel guilty. Almost.
So, the Beck's will be houseboating on the Shuswaps next summer with Nannie and Papa...and I heard a rumour that Auntie Cheryl and Uncle Paul are missing it out West and might come join us. Honestly I never thought Mom would go for the houseboating but then again today she went for a nice long bike ride with Dad and his new chrome.Never say never!

I almost pee'd my pants

You should be wondering how a girl who's been potty trained for about 28 years could be regressing...Well, as I was driving with my boys to pick up Lyla from her holiday at doggy daycare I had this fly out of nowhere and no word of a lie it was about 10 feet in front of my effing minivan.

And that's why I almost pee'd my pants. My boys on the other hand thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

Me? Not. So. Much.

I'm trying to get back into blogging routine but I've recently gone back to school "online school" but school nonetheless and I'm trying to get as much done as possible before holidays are over and the zoo comes back refreshed and revitalized and well...wild...truthbeknown. I'd take a rambunctious happy kid over a couch potato any day, though. I tell you, I thrive on organized chaos.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Uploading pics is slow, frustrating and generally sucks...


Hi there!

Anyone miss me over the past week or so? You did ?!? Aww shucks, you're making me blush. Wondering what I've been up to? Well it's been a little of this:

A little of this:

And of course a wedding:

And then some touristy stuff:

Here's a super quick recap of the last few days: Auntie Anne, Monica and Josh flew in Thursday morning and we spent the day just visiting and hanging out...and drinking... Friday we spent hanging out, visiting ....and drinking....Saturday was the wedding and the wedding cleanup and an eventful walk home and more drinking....The last two days have been pretty dry, we were doing touristy stuff and all.

Seriously though, I'm sure we drank every Pineapple and Pina Colada Bacardi Breezer in a 5 km radius. And the only throwing up was done by Alex at the restaurant on top of Sulphur Mountain - and like a good mom I managed to catch it all in my hands and NOT throw up.

I'll be back to elaborate on the week's events soon. It was fabulous having our out of towners come visit! Aaron and I are starting to plan our next trip to Halifax already :o)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Guest Post From Andrea

Hey guys! I'm on holiday and don't have time to blog so I'm posting something from'll meet her soon enough when she starts her own blog - wink wink , nudge nudge...

Hi Les,

I just got back from a bike ride with Victor, and we decided to bike around Copperfield, and as I am peddling my ass off, I see this girl in a bikini, bouncing on a freakin trampoline on the other side of this fence, so all I could see is her top half, which she was like a triple DDD size, I almost steered my bike into a pole as I did another take, as I couldn't believe what I freakin saw, of course, Victor is yelling to me that he wants to turn around and go back too, WTF, I'll have to ask Leanne if she does the same thing in her backyard, as maybe this is a Copperfield tradition............of course, I said "Wait til I tell Les about this slut show"!!!!!

Hope your holiday is going well, take care and talk to you soon....

A :-)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

And we're off to the Stampede tomorrow evening


Without the boys of course, we're off to the stampede tomorrow night with Leanne and Andrew.

I've got a few key things to check out. 3 out of 4 are deep fried. Yep, I'll be wearing a loose fitting skirt for sure!
Okay the first is Mini Donuts , oh how I love me some mini donuts. Most people don't know that I spent one summer working at Calaway Park making these yummy treats. For years I couldn't stand the smell of them but eventually I got over it. Then there's the Deep Fried Coke. Cindy was telling me about this the other day. Apparently it's coke flavoured batter that's deep fried like a funnel cake and then topped with coke flavoured syrup. If you like coke it definitely has potential.And then the ultimate in sinfulness. A Deep Friend Mars Bar. I mentioned this tonight at stamp class and most of the ladies were surprised but intrigued. Except Kathryn. Apparently she's heard of this before. So, as I'm searching for the yummiest pic of a deep fried mars bar I came across a sentence that kept popping up about Scottish delicacies. Go figure. The scottish girl had heard of this before, lol.

And of course we'll be waiting in the big lineup to see the showhome. We buy tickets on it every year and obviously we haven't won it yet. But we still buy tickets and wait up on the last night of Stampede to watch the draw, and dream about what we'd do. Do you keep the house or sell it? I think we've decided every year for the past 4 years anyway that we'd move into our new house and use our existing house for dayhome only. ... I wish...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What's in a Name?

Guess that depends on who you're naming, right? Well, the Team Crockett roster will be changing for the 2009 race and I was thinking that maybe we should come up with a new name. "Team Crockett" originated from a few incidents...Crockett was Aaron's code word for leaving a lame party which he came up with after we went to see Miami Vice with a friend and I fell asleep during the movie. Uh, embarrassing? Yeah, just a little... So there you have it. The new team as it stands is looking like Joe & Berta (my parents) Aaron & I, Chris & Janine (Aarons' cousin and wife) as well as Alicia (Janine's sister). So, I've been trying to come up with something catchy that covers everyone but it's not happening. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Janine's a secret blog reader so she'll probably see your ideas and maybe we can go from there. These are the team names from the 2008 race:
AAA Beef Wranglers
Alberta Justice
All Bunged UP
Apple Pie and Ice Cream
Baby Got Back
Balls for the cause
Bautista Booties
Beach Booty
Beat It
Beaver Fever
Benny and the Jets
Bite My Briefs
Blazing Speed
BLG Beauties
Bobbie & Erin
Boomer Bloomers
Booties and the Beast
Bottoms Up
Boxer Bandits
Boxer Bunnies
Bra Stools
Brief Brigade
Brief Encownters
Bringing Up The Rear
Bruce's Boxer Buddies
Buns of Beauty
Bustifer Socks
Butt-floss babes
Buxom Beauties
Calgary Fight Club
Camo Toe
Captain Underpants and the Panty Kids
Cheeky Bastards
Cheeky Chicks
Child Enrichment Center
Chuckwagon Buddies for Cancer
Colon Cancer Alliance
Colon Cowboys
Colon Queens
Crotch Rockets
Cultural Infidels
Custom Fit
Cuties with Booties
Daddy's Girls
Days of the Week
Deevos and Dashers
dik dyk & dubbz
Disco Denny And the Sunshine Band
Doctors without Bottoms
Dolce Bums
Double Deuce
Downtown Strip
Droopy Drawers
Family Jewels
Fanny Pack
Flyin Fancy Pants
Foo-King Hot Relish
Frilly Lilly's
Fruit of the Pioneer Loom
Funk in the Trunk
Georgie On My Mind
Glorious Diva's
Gone but not Forgotten
Haddocks Warriors
Happy Bits
Happy Bunny Zombie
Harmon's Heroes
Hennessey Salon + Spa
Hidden Assets
Holes & Poles
Hot Cross Buns
humble bums
Jack's Brats
Jocks & Jills
Jocks n' Jills
Jolly Johnstone
Junk in the Trunk
Karens Purple People Posse
Kelly's Hombres
Kern Partners
knickers and lace
Knickers United
Kumquats and Juiceberries
Laurie's Angels
Look Under There
Lowered Expectations
Man Panties
Mega Damage
Nels's Team
No Pants Posse
Nurses 'n Knickers
Pants are only a Suggestion
Panty Bandits
Panty Parade
Panty Vigilantes
Pfizer Pfrantic Panties
Pink Cowboys
Pink Dream Team
Pink Panthers
Pink Sugar Boutique
Princess Auto
Private Parts
privates in pajamas
Pro-State Champions
Protecting our Privates
Psychedelic Pseudoscrotums
Pulses Privates
Pumps and a Bump
Radiation Accelerators Creating Energy
Rear-Ending Cancer!
Rectal Renegade
Rectum Rangers
Ricoh Panty Raiders
Risky Business
Romp in your Gonch
Rubber Chicken's
Runners from Down Under
SHE team
shimmy shakers
Shirl's Girls and Guys
Sibby's Sully-bration
Siddharth's Team
Sisterhood of The Travelling Underpanties
SMaK dat
Sonny's Soldiers
Soul Sisters
Southern Belles and Balls
Southern Comfort
spartans 1
Sugar Buddies
Super Gaunch Gang
Sweet Cheeks
Taken Care Down There
TB Baybeeee
Team Cobra
Team Coco
Team Conner
Team Crockett
Team EnviroConsult
Team Fit!
Team Giller
Team Goldie
Team Greyhound
Team Marvin
Team NHL
Team Powerthirst
Team RGB(inmemory of Ryan Brown)
Team SpEdie
Team Uncoordinated
Team Under Here!
Team Under-Where?
Test ticklers & the Girls
Testical Twins
The Barbarians
The Bare Hams
The Buff Muffs Return
The Bunchy Knickers
The Captain Cooters
The Captain Underpanties
The Cheeky Baristas
the cheeky monkeys
The Cheetahs
The Commando's
The Fight Team
The Green Dream Team
The Journeymen
The Junk In The Trunk
The Knicker Kickers
The Little Weenies
The MadHatters
The Morning After
The New West
The Panty Princesses
The Paper Bums
The Paper TRAILers
The Pink Panties
The Pretenders
The Rear Admiral Butts
The Rose Buds
The Rosey Cheeks
The Rosy Cheeks
The Saggy Bottoms
The Spartans
The Toxic Tortoises
The Under Where?
The Underwear Bandits
The Vag-tastics
The Waistbands
The Whities in Whities
The Wingers
Thong Throng
Those Girls and That Guy
Tighty Brighties
tighty whities
To Be Determined
Top Buns
Top of the Class
Tour de Underpants
Twat You Looking At
Twisted Knickers
Under Where?
USANA Runners
Uterine & Out
Victorious Secret
Victorious Secrets
Victoriouz Secret
Vivacious Herbal Diva's
Walkie Talkies
Wanna ZOO me?
Wicked Awesome
Yummy Mummies

Saturday, July 05, 2008

You can tell we've been having GLORIOUS weather

by my lack of posts. I'm pretty sure I went through this blogging slump last summer too. I'm sure those who know me well have realized that no posts mean I'm lovin' my sunshine outside with my boys.

Today we've got the carpet cleaners coming and then Couples Bunco - yahoo! (It must be Stampede time around here for me to bring out the yahoo) So, in honour of our Couples Bunco BBQ I bought my first western shirt - ever. I am definitely not a Wrangler's kind of girl - for some unknown reason they just make my butt look flat so I'll just stick with the shirt. I'm in charge of Cowboy Beans, my friend Tracy has posted her recipe on her site and it sounds yummy!

Tomorrow the boys and I are headed to Alix to visit Tina & Steve and the girls. Joey's going to miss seeing Kyla but it's still a much needed trip...if he asks one more time if can go to Steve's house to visit I'm sure I'll lose it. He's actually standing beside me right now counting down the hours until we go. So funny BUT yet so annoying all at the same time.

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Today the boys and I went to the zoo. We haven't been for awhile and boy were we ever surprised by the renovations. They've been working on re-doing the front entrance forever and it's almost complete. It looks amazing! We were renewing our passes and it was quick and easy although somehow I managed to get "bunny ears" in my zoo pass Aaron...NOT! I'm sure I'll laugh about it every time I use my zoo pass.

The weather was fabulous! Not too hot, not too cold, hardly any bugs although quite a few animals were sleeping.
We still managed to do half of the Canadian Wild, all of Africa and Australia, and Butterfly Gardens.
For the rest of the day we've just been hanging around the house enjoying the quiet. Aaron even had a nap. What's up with that? I've finished my prep for next week's card class and am working on cleaning the filing cabinet and shredding....borrrrrrrring, I know, but it's got to be done.
Hope everyone enjoyed their day!