Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alex's Karate Party

Alex's birthday isn't actually until August but he had his heart set on a karate birthday party and wanted to invite school friends so to accomodate both we had an early party.

I know we'll be having another soiree closer to the real day with his buddies and cousins. I'm thinking maybe a picnic at the water fountain weather permitting. Maybe I'll learn how to bbq by then so we can have hamburgers...probably not though.

Here's a few highlights from the party.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Soccer and Baseball are over - WOOT WOOT!!!

In no particular order because I'm just being lazy tonight...

Here's JT hitting the ball Once again, in no particular order.
Here's JT getting ready to hit the ball
Here's his dad Coach Aaron getting ready to pitch him the ball
And then we'll mosey on over to Alex's last soccer game. Here's the victory picture
Alex playing soccer
Alex kicking the ball
Alex working on some soccer moves
Alex and the soccer ball yet again :o)
Back to JT running ...hmm...where's he running to? I think it was a foul ball and he was headed back to the plate
JT running to first
Coach Aaron again
Coach Aaron, JT and Coach Rob
JT and Coach Rob
JT on second
JT getting ready to bat again
Did I mention these pictures weren't in any particular order?
Last game chitchat and medal ceremony
The Reds

Ebony and Ivory meet Baby Shay!

Last night we ventured over with some pink clothes for Shay and food for Mommy and Daddy and oh what a cutie! Michelle said she's stinkin'cute - I agree.
I admit that newborn babies make me a bit nervous. Not sure why, I've had a couple and they survived just fine. I think it's because they're so new and in my head they seem very fragile. I always think I'll drop them.
And for the record I've never dropped a baby, lol.
And mommy is one of those women I love to hate - pure jealousy. Momma is wearing her non-maternity jeans. Nice. I do love her, really I do, just jealous ;o) Did I mention her baby is 2 weeks old?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My son apparently has started a diary

I thought boys had "Journals"? Diary of a Wimpy Kid must have made it okay for boys to have diaries, ha ha.
I had no idea he'd started this, I was cleaning up his room and seen it laying out.
Yesterday he received his book of secret stuff for boys or something along that lines which includes a lock and key. Looks like he now has a secret diary.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thing 2 is tougher than his mom!

The other night as I was brushing Alex's teeth (yes I still brush his teeth, he brushes then I brush just to be sure they're sparkling) and I noticed it was a wee bit wiggly.

And I mean a wee bit.

About twenty minutes later Aaron and I were watching Shooter (love me some Marky Mark) and Alex comes downstairs with his tooth in his hand.

And oh, the blood was gushing. Okay, maybe not gushing but definitely bleeding when it shouldn't have been.

Alex's story is that he was sitting up to have a drink of water when it popped right out into his hand. Just like that.

I don't realllllly believe his story, do you?

Friday, June 04, 2010

Guess what Thing 2 wants to do for his birthday?

(The bear snouts are shiny not glittery like they kind of look like...)