Monday, September 14, 2015

Wishing in the Wish Book begins today

As previously mentioned last week in the I Dislike Wedneaday post, my boys deliver flyers.

Today they will have the added pleasure of delivering Wish Books to some lucky households.

I generally don't like catalogues but there's something about the Wish Book that I love. 

I'm guessing it's the nostalgia of Christmas's past and making lists of what I was wishing for Christmas.

I never did get the pleather biker jacket I wanted when I was 10 but I did get a real leather biker jacket when I was 16 lol. 

Thanks for the memories Sears!


Jennifer Brown said...

Sounds like they are going to be working on their biceps over the next week!


Heather Mac said...

If you or the boys find something in the catalogue that they want for,Christmas let me know...i will do,they same for,Jonathan.