Sunday, November 04, 2012

Stuffed Baby Yorkies are SOOOO close to home!

Jeff Dunham came to Calgary Saturday night and was so funny! I don't even know which character I loved the most. Little Jeff was right up there with Achmed and Walter.

After the show (which was at 5 - I thought it was at 7:30 so with some quick thinking and awesome babysitters we made it) we went out for dinner at Halo.

And after a quick google at the menu and seeing Stuffed Baby Yorkies we were in!

If you've never had them I highly recommend you go there and give them a try. I had the Naughty New York Striploin and although it was tasty it wasn't as memorable.


Jennifer Brown said...

I was just about to write on your facebook post, how you should blog about your awesome weekend, and lo and behold you did!

My mom and dad went to see Jeff Dunham too and had an awesome time.


Alberta said...


Stuffed Yorkies without us :( DO you have any more ideas on how to create this lovely morsels @ home?

Tracy DeLuca said...

I love Jeff Dunham and would die to get a chance to see him live! LOL What are stuffed baby yorkies???